Understanding Respite Care

When you need a BREAK

RESPITE is there to HELP!

Your role as a caregiver is an important one. Sometimes you need a break for a few hours to give you time to relax, to run errands or to catch up on things.

Alamance Eldercare’s Family Caregiver Support Program can provide you with FREE respite hours, nutrition supplies, support groups and educational programs to prevent burnout.

In-home respite care provides caregiving to the individual at their home.

  • Attends to the senior’s fundamental self help needs, usually provided by family members.
  • Assists the family on enabling the senior with development activities to be at home.
  • Relieves family members from the constant and heavy responsibility of providing care.
  • Gives appropriate supervision and care to protect the senior’s safety if a family member is not present.
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