Options Counseling

What it is:

A decision-support process that includes:

  • Listening to expressed preferences, values, and needs
  • Talking about options based on needs and preferences
  • Giving support to person to make informed choices
  • Connecting the person to services
  • Following up with the person

Purpose of Options Counseling:

Using person-center practices, provide decision-support so that the individual can make informed decisions about appropriate long-term services and support systems

Options Counseling Components Include:

  • Personal Interview
  • Decision Support
  • Action Plan
  • Follow-Up

Who Can Benefit:

  • Someone who is planning to retire and wants to discuss options to sustain health, wellness, and independence
  • Someone who is trying to decide whether to move in with family, move to an apartment, or move to an assisted living facility
  • Someone who is unsure on how to begin planning for the future personal and family needs after a difficult diagnosis
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